On 12/3/2016, we hosted a workshop – Inventor’s Essentials;

Original Agenda

Increase Your Business A.B.I.L.I.T.Y  
Get an overview of how to select the professionals you need as you start, as your product gets to market, and as you build your distribution

Intellectual Property: Patents, Copyrights, Trade Marks and Trade Secrets
Deanna Baxam has years of helping entrepreneurs and inventors to protect their ideas. Her firm offers expert intellectual property, healthcare law, and business law support. Deanna has been an SIA advisor since our start.

3D Prototyping – Why, How, and When
Barry Smith will address some of the issues, timelines, and costs associated with getting your idea into shape. He has been one of SIA’s corporate service speakers.

Niche Marketing Using Online Forums
ASK Yourself:
1. How well defined are your product demographics?
2. Does your product/service serve a Niche market?
3. Is your marketing strategies reaching that audience?

Tim Wilcox will be sharing his business building success using online forums to gain new clients and to build your reputation for product value and quality customer service.

Crowd Funding: Why, How, and When
Starting with the Fundamentals
Planning Your Campaign

* Worksheets and Templates
* Leveraging Resources

Barry helps create and manage crowdfunding campaigns for inventors. His examples of the do’s and don’ts will help beginners as well as more established inventors.

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